UKIFDA supports TRA proposals on HVO

Following today’s publication of the Trade Remedies Authority’s recommendations on trade measures for biodiesel, UKIFDA published the statement below indicating their support for the proposals.


UKIFDA notes the announcement today from the Trade Remedies Authority that their provisional recommendation is to remove measures on imports of HVO into the UK from the US.

We support this recommendation.

The liquid fuel for heating industry in the UK is currently concentrating on renewable liquid fuels as a replacement for conventional fossil-based heating oil, in particular Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

The fuel provides an 88% reduction in carbon emissions and can simply replace heating oil without any major changes to a customer’s appliance making it an extremely cost effective and less disruptive way of decarbonising. We believe this will be the technology of choice for many of our customers.

Highlights the use of HVO in heating

The announcement highlights the use of HVO in home heating. The UK currently does not produce any HVO and therefore this announcement today of widening supply makes a lot of sense without damaging any operations in the UK.

We are currently running a second phase demonstration project across the UK in 200 homes which is progressing well.