Global product support from MechTronic

In October, Ryan Parr, development, implementation and training engineer at MechTronic, visited Senegal to deliver driver training and customer support.

The project was commissioned by Joe Sakr, founder and general manager at Lynx Group, on behalf of DP World who were looking to invest in a metering system that would help prevent fuel theft.

Preventing fuel theft and delivering safe fuel loads

As part of the specification, MechTronic supplied the fuel metering system, VisiLevel, i-Meter, the ProControl3 remote and a radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader) – this enables tank scanning to occur and prevents the driver from making a delivery without having scanned a pot first.

This specification prevents fuel theft from occurring and provides fuel oil operatives with detailed delivery logs and full traceability of product. VisiLevel records the time, date, longitude, and latitude of any notable change in liquid level. With the integration of i-Meter, fuel oil operators can easily identify any unauthorised removal of product and access a complete audit trail of their product, directly from their PC – either during a delivery schedule or at the end of the day.

Joe Sakr commented: “With the daily challenges of petroleum-transporters in West Africa, MechTronic’s fuel  management system (FMS) is the right answer for a smooth, accurate and professional distribution.

“It can help monitor fuel deliveries by the minute, truck by truck, driver by driver and compartment by compartment; thus, loaded quantity will always match delivered quantities.”

MechTronic continues to deliver into Africa

This is the fourth metering system that MechTronic has delivered into Africa, with another two scheduled for delivery in 2022.

Ryan visited Senegal with Peter Smits, the senior accounts manager at OPW. Together (with Peter’s interpreting skills), they were able to secure the smooth handover of the vehicle to the customer, DP World.

Ryan said: “It was a wonderful experience to go to Senegal and see the port in action. Peter and I worked together to ensure that the delivery of the vehicle was straight-forward. We were there for four days and during this time, we trained drivers on how to use the systems and performed a full health check and maintenance of the vehicle.

“It was extremely hot, over 36 degrees and we naturally had to wear full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). I have nothing but admiration for the drivers who work in that heat every day – I much prefer the cold we have in the UK!”

It is an exciting time for MechTronic as we look to increase our market reach outside of the UK. Joe Sakr confirmed: “Lynx is proposing MechTronic FMS on its custom-made, Africa oriented, TOTAL and SHELL validated fuel tankers with the technical support and drivers’ training by MechTronic engineers.”