New TSA Charter to cover energy transition

The TSA has formally launched a new Energy Transition Charter affirming the bulk energy storage sector’s shared commitment to supporting the achievement of the UK’s climate neutrality targets.

Developed in conjunction with member organisations and accompanied by strategic commitments to encourage leadership, innovation, skills development, promotion and engagement, the Energy Transition Charter sees members commit to:

  • Strive to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Support existing initiatives, including increases to the RTFO
  • Promote use of alternative fuels, including biofuels, SAFs and renewable marine fuels
  • Protect people and environment as processes and inventories change
  • Ensure resilience and security of supply through the transition

The charter considers the strategy that will achieve the commitments of the members including collaborative working with all relevant stakeholders, regulators, technical bodies and

Institutions, support throughout the supply chain and the development of the necessary skills to meet changing needs through the energy transition.

Peter Davidson, executive director of the association, said: “The TSA and its members are committed to leading from the front in the journey to net zero. With efforts already underway, the Energy Transition Charter highlights the sector’s ambitions to seize future opportunities.

“By working with regulators and other stakeholders to ensure an effective transition to alternative energy sources, and by supporting the development of future skills, guidance and standards necessary to safely manage changing processes and inventories, our sector is committed to playing its full part in the transformative journey ahead.”

For an electronic copy of the Energy Transition Charter, click here.