Prax refinery joins decarbonisation project

As part of the Prax Group’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery has joined the V Net Zero Humber Cluster decarbonisation project. 

The project, led by Harbour Energy and currently made up of the following organisations – Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery, Humber Zero (with partners: Phillips 66 Humber Refinery and Vitol’s VPI Immingham power plant) and EP UK Investments – seeks to decarbonise the industrial emissions of the area, with the CO2 transported by pipeline for storage in the depleted Viking gas fields, located off the nearby Lincolnshire coast.

Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery’s initial target is to capture 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 per year from the refinery’s heaters and process units for transport and storage by Harbour Energy.  This project is likely to be implemented in two phases with the first in 2027 and the second following in 2029.

Commitment to sustainable business
Luc Smets, general manager at Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery, said: “We are extremely pleased to announce that Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery is a member of the V Net Zero Humber Cluster project.  This underlines our determination to support the local economy and the wider community, whilst enabling us to explore new, sustainable business opportunities.

“As a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation, we consistently look for ways to keep our business innovative so that we can continue to meet the needs of our customers, whilst being mindful of the planet and its resources.  Committing to decarbonising our emissions represents the firm commitment we have to minimising adverse effects on the environment, wherever it is practical for us to do so.

“In this, we are committed at all levels and within all functions of the Prax Group.”