New remote control enhances popular fuel metering system

Following a design collaboration with ALMA, MechTronic was delighted to announce OptiControl, a new wireless remote control which supports and enables the complete management of the OptiMate delivery process. Launched as part of the recent industry Expo, run by UKIFDA, the remote control offers enhanced operational capability for the OptiMate metering system which was originally launched 5 years ago at the same event.
OptiControl enables drivers to completely manage the delivery process as well as remaining at the point of delivery without needing to return to the vehicle. This, the latest remote from Mechtronic, shows in real time the delivery flow, compartment, current quantity and preset volumes. Drivers are also able to perform product/compartment line changes and adjust preset deliveries as required.
A range of benefits
It is a lightweight, handheld remote that can be fastened on the arm of the driver, if required, and is ATEX approved. The OptiControl remote is also fully rechargeable in the truck cab, with a dedicated socket. It features a large LCD screen and provides a range of additional benefits.

  • Preset input and adjustment
  • Product and compartment selection
  • Litre counter repeater that displays the product being delivered, the compartment it is dispensing from, and the preset entered whilst displaying the current volume being delivered
  • Meter stop/start
  • Slow-fill
  • Engine stop

OptiMate, has been successfully delivering for fuel oil operatives for 5 years and, with 340 OptiMate’s on the road and 350 in build over the next 18 months, is clearly a popular choice with the addition of OptiControl, further enhancing its appeal.