Testing fuel for contamination? There’s an app for that.

Following feedback from the industry to improve the speed efficiency of microbial fuel testing, Conidia, one of the principal companies operating in this field, has launched a totally upgraded digital verification tool FUELSTAT® Result.

A free, downloadable mobile app, FUELSTAT® allows operators to complete compliance testing on-site without paper and without the need to register, representing a significant productivity improvement and allows users to verify fuel test results and instantly create a professional report that can be immediately printed or emailed from the user’s phone or tablet.
The app works alongside the FUELSTAT® test kit. Once samples have been taken and results are ready, the app uses the phone’s camera to read and interpret the results. A record of the last 10 results is kept locally on the phone and the user can add information about location, asset and any additional notes.
Myrsini Chronopoulou, research & development manager at Conidia, said: “This is so incredibly easy to use. From taking fuel samples to having the test report ready to send can be completed on site in as little as 15 minutes compared with sending samples to a laboratory, which can take up to 10 days. There are no special skills necessary and, even if the user is not familiar with the test process, the app will guide them.”
Stewart Elder, business development at MBG Fuel Test, comments: “The FUELSTAT® Result app really helps to differentiate FUELSTAT® from other products. It is the only on-site digital fuel testing product that gives full results and a complete, professional report in a matter of minutes. Users love the simplicity of use and quick, easy and secure access to detailed information, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding fuel management.”