Contamination prevention from MechTronic

OptiMate, MechTronic’s revolutionary electronic metering system has been built with the fuel oil operative in mind and is designed to be future proof. Using solid state firmware, the latest update provides increased control while performing line changes when switching between hose and bulk deliveries.

With clever engineering, OptiMate now allows a different product in the hose reel when delivering through the bulk hose, without causing a contamination. This means that drivers can for example, make a kerosene delivery through the hose reel and for their next delivery, they can perform a bulk diesel delivery without contaminating their fuel loads – no calculations need to be made as OptiMate will automatically calculate and perform the correct line change volumes required, saving time and money.

How is a contamination prevented?

OptiMate can perform a line change for the hose/bulk shared pipe. This process ensures that when using a two-hose metering system i.e., hose and bulk, OptiMate will optimise the delivery process by only changing the shared pipework through the pump and meter, when switching between delivery hoses and products.

As part of the delivery process, OptiMate will ask drivers to confirm whether they are performing a hose or bulk delivery. If the customer requires a hose reel delivery, then OptiMate will automatically calculate and perform any pre-determined line changes at the end of the hose delivery to ensure that the next customers bulk delivery is optimised and clear of contamination.

A host of automatic features

OptiMate features a self-draining manifold which is cleared of product during a line change and further protects fuel oil operatives against contamination. In addition, OptiMate can now perform automatic compartment changes with an automatic line change at the end of a delivery – without returning to the tanker to start the process – ensuring that drivers can remain at the point of delivery!

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