New HGV refuelling bunker at the Port of Southampton

With work commencing on the construction of a new HGV refuelling bunker site, Certas Energy recently hosted a ground-breaking ceremony at the Port of Southampton. Working in partnership with Associated British Ports (ABP), the new facility will be the first of its kind inside the port.

Certas Energy
Andrew Goodwin and Clive Thomas at the ground-breaking ceremony.  With ‘experience and success in fuelling the booming logistics sector at some of the UK’s largest ports’, Certas Energy is looking forward to opening in the Port of Southampton which ‘handles 14 million tonnes of cargo annually and an average of 1,800 HGVs every day’

Featuring an offset tank layout with a combined capacity of 250,000 litres and eight high-speed refuelling pumps, the facility will dispense fuel at speeds of up to 120 litres per minute. The site has been designed to service the high volume of HGVs that pass through the port each day.
The facility will dispense DERV, red diesel, AdBlue and cleaner-burning diesel alternative, Shell GTL Fuel. This drop-in alternative fuel can be used immediately in HGVs to reduce harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) without having to make engine or equipment modifications.
Customers will also be able to purchase Shell GTL Fuel with Carbon Offsets from the Certas Energy bunker site.  This removes CO₂ from the atmosphere equivalent to those created by the production, delivery and use of Shell GTL Fuel.
The ceremony was presided over by ABP Port’s Clive Thomas, head of commercial and property, and Andrew Goodwin, national bunker manager for Certas Energy.
“We are pleased to be able to offer Shell GTL fuel at the port for the first time,” said Clive.
“This significant move supports our commitment to further improve local air quality and facilitates smoother operations for visiting HGVs.”