JET – new dual premium fuels range

JET has launched its new dual range of JET ULTRA premium fuels, which includes JET ULTRA premium unleaded and JET ULTRA premium diesel.  The fuel brand has completed its UK-wide roll out to all sites that previously offered JET premium fuels.

JET ULTRA premium fuels are specially designed to deep-clean dirty engines and prevent deposits from building up

To coincide with the launch of JET ULTRA, JET is also trialling a pole sign to display all four fuel grade prices. The four-price pole sign is one of a number of innovative forecourt design elements that are part of the company’s new image pilot.
“Our dual range of JET ULTRA premium fuels and our four-price LED-lit pole sign design are key elements of JET’s new-look forecourt,” commented Oliver Müller, retail business manager at Phillips 66.
“The pole sign mirrors our new soft-angled canopy design, whilst our JET ULTRA branding is an eye-catching ultramarine blue which stands out on the forecourt.”
“Introducing an attractive and recognisable premium fuels offering was one of our main objectives for 2019,” added Oliver.
“We commissioned independent consumer research, which showed that there is a willingness among consumers to try a new brand of premium fuels. We wanted to tap into this opportunity and provide our dealers with a premium fuel product offering which not only complements their existing fuels mix, but also puts them in a stronger position with their customer base.”
JET ULTRA premium fuels are specially designed to deep-clean dirty engines and prevent deposits from building up(1). The clever technology inside the detergent attacks and helps remove dirt deposits in car engines, while also coating vital engine parts in a protective film to prevent deposits from collecting in the first place. The end result is a more effective clean for better efficiency and performance(2).
The fuel brand has worked closely with one of the world’s leading road fuel detergent providers to ensure that the detergent in JET ULTRA premium fuel is subject to world-recognised engine testing standards.

(1)Actual benefits may vary due to many factors including, but not limited to, previous fuel used, the age, type and condition of your vehicle, road conditions, your style of driving and journey time.
(2)Performance improvement may be more noticeable in high performance cars