The future of liquid fuel heating

CEO Paul Rose – OFTEC is looking to introduce a low carbon liquid fuel as a replacement to kerosene from 2022
On Tuesday 20th June OFTEC will officially launch its vision to improve energy efficiency and carbon reduction for off grid homes at the trade association’s annual conference and AGM at the Puckrup Hotel in Tewksbury.
The vision focuses on a two-stage approach, looking at a boiler replacement programme in the short term (2018-2022) and introducing a low carbon liquid fuel as a replacement to kerosene from 2022.
“We’ve have been working hard behind the scenes for a number of months now to prepare our vision for the future of off grid domestic heating,” said OFTEC CEO Paul Rose who will share the proposals with members and guests.
“Our proposals aim to address BEIS’ four key requirements to keep energy bills low, cost effectively reduce carbon emissions, ensure a secure, resilient energy supply, and avoid unreasonable upfront costs for consumers in the process.
“We believe our two-stage approach of a boiler replacement scheme in the short term followed by the introduction of a ‘green’ liquid fuel, ticks all these boxes and provides a realistic and practical solution to an urgent issue.
“It’s an exciting time for the oil heating industry. Manufacturers have already shown their strong ability to innovate with the development of modulating and multi stage burners. These, coupled with advanced control systems will further increase the efficiency of oil fired heating systems.
“But this will only take us so far and we need to look at greening the fuel itself. If we can unite industry and government behind this aim, I am confident we can turn our vision into a reality.”

Join in the OFTEC conference
Tristan Suffys, secretary general of Eurofuel, will discuss the state of the oil heating market across Europe, and Martin Cooke, technical director of EOGB will talk about the latest developments in modulating domestic burners and their benefits.
Paul Rose will also welcome OFTEC’s new chairman who officially takes over from Nick Hawkins, director of commercial operations at Kingspan Environmental after two years in the post.
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