BP contract for Suttons

A Suttons tanker used on the BP contract
Suttons has secured a new contract with BP Acetyls, which is the largest single producer of acetic acid and anhydride in Europe.
The deal confirms Suttons as the exclusive distributor of bulk hazardous liquids in the UK for the company which produces around half a million tonnes of products every year.
The agreement also sees the investment in a brand new fleet of Euro6 vehicles at the BP Acetyls site in Saltend, East Yorkshire.
“We’re delighted BP Acetyls chose to renew this business with Suttons and we look forward to a continued successful partnership,” said Michael Cundy, Suttons Tankers managing director.
“Our track record of providing a flexible, reliable, and safe service was a key factor in their decision and we will continue to focus on delivering a first class service.”
“Suttons has proved itself as a safe and reliable partner delivering a high standard of service,” added Andrew Williamson from BP Acetyls Europe.
“Our relationship with Suttons means we have a solid understanding of how our teams can work together to ensure continued success and that a quality product is delivered.”
Suttons operates internationally with key business centres in New Jersey, Houston, Chicago, Widnes, Antwerp, Ludwigshafen, Paris, Kuantan, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo and Khobar.