Esso sponsors Porsche Motorsport

Ahead of this month’s iconic 24 hours of Le Mans, EssoTM announced a new sponsorship of Porsche Motorsport.

The timing coincided with the 20th year anniversary of Porsche and fellow ExxonMobilTM brand, Mobil 1TM working together.

As an official partner of Porsche Motorsport, Esso joins Mobil 1 in a broader collaboration uniting three of the world’s most innovative automotive brands with one single philosophy – deliver maximum performance for an outstanding driving experience.

Over 200,000 spectators saw Esso logos adorn both the front and rear of liveries covering the two Porsche 911 RSRs which competed in this year’s event. Already 17 time winners of Le Mans – Porsche triumphed for the 18th time in what was described as ‘an unbelievable finish’ which resulted in a new record.

“Esso is proud to join Mobil 1 as a partner of the incredibly successful team Porsche Motorsport,” said Hélène de Carné, retail fuels marketing manager EAME at Esso.

“We’re very excited to see what the future holds for collaborations between ExxonMobil and one of the world’s most famous automotive brands. As current holders of the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship, winning the manufacturer, driver and team prizes, Porsche is the perfect choice for ExxonMobil as it continues to develop next generation fuels and lubricants that help deliver high performance on both the race track and the road.

“I’m delighted to welcome Esso into our team,” said Dr. Frank–Steffen Walliser, vice president, Porsche Motorsport and GT Cars.

“ExxonMobil technology and expertise has proven crucial to performance during our 20-year association with Mobil 1, and the length and strength of this partnership is testament to a shared passion for cutting-edge technology and innovation, both on and off the track.”