Awards and £90m investment at CLH-PS

Sun rise at Heathrow
CLH-PS currently supplies airports at Heathrow (pictured above), Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester
Recognising the outstanding contribution of a Spanish company in the UK, an Annual Golden Award is made by the London-based Spanish Chamber of Commerce each year.
This year the CLH Group, which created the CLH Pipeline System (CLH-PS) to manage the UK’s Government Pipeline Storage System (GPSS) acquired last May, is the recipient. The GPSS acquisition was the first investment carried out by CLH in a European country and the second at an international level following the creation of a joint venture in Oman in 2014.
“This prize recognises the extraordinary effort made by CLH to perform an operation of this status,” explained Salvador Guillén, CLH Group managing director. “The acquisition represented an increase of 50% of the pipeline network that the CLH Group has in Spain.”
CLH-PS has now embarked on a £90 million programme of modernisation of assets and the implementation of advanced technologies which is expected to take until December 2018.
“This level of investment shows the commitment of the CLH Group to become the leader in the safe and efficient distribution of liquid fuel in the UK,” said CLH-PS chairman, Juan Bonilla. “We must not forget that, at the moment, CLH-PS is the only independent network in the UK dedicated to the storage and distribution of jet fuel through pipelines.”
CLH-PS currently supplies fuel to Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester airports in addition to the UK Ministry of Defence. The CLH Group has recently been awarded the operation and renovation of the fuel storage terminal at Dublin Airport with a new company – CLH Aviation Ireland – created to manage these infrastructures.