Airport Energy goes electric

The latest addition to the fleet at Airport Energy is an electric powered vehicle.

The introduction of an electric-powered vehicle was in acknowledgment of the company’s partnership with Heathrow Airport reports managing director Geoff Hall.

“Where possible it is Heathrow Airport’s ambition to replace its diesel LGV fleet with viable electric-powered vehicles by 2020. Ultimately Airport Energy Services can be a supplier of energy in all its forms,” said Geoff.

“The air quality and vehicle emission issues that impact important decision making at the airport are significant to our business strategically,” Geoff added.

“Whilst diesel-powered vehicles will still be in use for some time to come, electric- powered vehicles are in the ascendency. In recognising this, Airport Energy Services is working hard to develop and sustain a suitable charging infrastructure that provides a compatible setup to its current provision of ground fleet refuelling fleet data, vehicle recognition, fuel supply and customer billings services.”