Petroleum Driver Passport on its way

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Due to be launched on 1st January 2014, the scheme manager for the Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) is the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).
The scheme manager appointment follows a tendering exercise which saw SQA meet the quality and delivery requirements set by the UK Downstream Oil Distribution Forum (DODF).
Brian Worrall, DODF independent chair welcomed the appointment:  “We continue to make rapid progress towards the launch of the PDP. SQA bring valuable experience and expertise which will ensure the quality and credibility of the PDP.
Detailed work is now underway to ensure that the PDP will be launched on schedule. The PDP will give assurance to fuel terminal operators, customers and the wider public that all tanker drivers have a common core of tested knowledge and competence in the loading, driving and off-loading of fuel tankers. It is supported by the PDP training standard which all tanker operators will be able to use as the basis of driver training and development.
The PDP builds on the knowledge already tested in the ADR certification process, incorporating additional knowledge and a practical assessment of skills. It includes content specific to five industry sub sectors; home heat, commercial, aviation, retail and marine.
Delivered through a combination of in-house or third party training and assessment providers accredited and audited by SQA, the passport will be valid for 5 years and will include an annual refresher day and both a written and practical assessment.