Simon supports Prax expansion

Well established to meet demand in the south of England from storage facilities on the Thames, Prax Petroleum is using Simon Storage’s Immingham West terminal as a strategic storage and distribution hub for market expansion.

Simon Storage took the first deliveries of diesel and gas oil for Prax into Immingham West in September 2012. Securing a second terminal at Immingham allows Prax to meet growing demand for its commercial fuels on a wider national scale.

Since then product throughput has risen and last month the contract with Prax was extended to include storage of biodiesel (B100) for intank blending to comply with the Government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations. Under the contract at Immingham West, Simon is providing Prax with more than 18,000m3 of storage capacity, together with road loading facilities for onward delivery to customers.

Neil Robertson, Prax’s sales and marketing director, says: “Immingham provides an optimal distribution point for supplying our customers in the Midlands and the north of England. From a standing start just a matter of months ago we are achieving our sales targets in these regions and increasing fuel supply security for all our customers.”

In addition to strategically located UK terminals, Simon’s expertise in the storage, blending and distribution of green fuels makes it an ideal partner for Prax’s venture north. Richard Sammons, Simon’s chief executive, comments: “Simon provides fuel storage and handling solutions for some of the world’s leading oil producers and distributors. We are able to offer fast-expanding fuel suppliers like Prax Petroleum a fully integrated package from receipt through to redelivery with intank or inline blending of biofuels with conventional hydrocarbons to meet RTFO regulations.”