“How is the closure of Coryton affecting distributors in the south east?”

“The closure of Coryton is already having quite severe consequences. It’s affecting other terminals in the area, with the high demand for product stretching resources to the limit. When it closed earlier this year, the weather was warmer and demand was low and the problem not as noticeable. Now, companies are queuing at the terminals as computers break down and getting further and further behind. I’m preparing as far ahead as possible, opening up over weekends, as I predict supplies will be low over the coming months.”

John Cooper, Stevenage Oil Co, Herts

“We didn’t purchase products directly from the refinery as a matter of policy, so its closure has made no discernible difference for us.

“We’ve noticed an increase in the amount of traffic at the Nu-Star, TDG and Purfleet terminals that we use on the Thames. As former Coryton users seek out products from alternative sources, such as the independent traders operating from storage points along the river, it’s inevitably led to congestion particularly at peak times, and this remains a concern as we approach winter.

“When Coryton becomes a storage terminal, it may actually prompt us to reconsider the use/purchase of product from the site as a secondary source of supply – dependent, of course, on a suitable pricing structure. And, as traditional Coryton ex-rackers drift back to purchase from the new terminal, it may also benefit the Thames terminals by reducing congestion.”

Neil Flynn, Linton Fuel Oils

“The impact of Coryton closing is showing; supply is already becoming an issue, especially around us. And with wholesale traders not buying much stock due to backwardation, there’s double trouble with not enough physical stock to supply and distribute. We’ve had situations where our hauliers have gone into terminals and there’s been no allocation or they’re on complete stock out.”

Mark Mackenzie, Nolan Fuels, Oxon

“Coryton’s closure is already affecting us as we used to utilise it extensively with certain suppliers. Unfortunately, now that source isn’t available, it’s impinging on the service that some of those suppliers can provide.”

Rob Warne, AD Fuel Oils, Essex

“It’s too early to say. P66 says it will have no impact but there are already allocations on kerosene. There’s bound to be an impact.”

Richard Burton, Barton Petroleum, Northants