Energy efficiency – Introducing the Romans

The Heating and Hot Water Industry Council (HHIC) has introduced a new fictional family as part of its Hole in the Roof energy saving campaign.
The Romans have been created to mirror an average British family wasting energy, and money, in their home. The HHIC hopes that the public will be able to relate to the Romans’ energy wasting habits and more effectively absorb the central messages of the organisation’s campaign.
The HHIC describes the Romans as an ordinary family, in an ordinary house, in an ordinary street. They don’t actually have a hole in their roof but they might as well have one with all the energy that is leaking through doors, walls, windows, fireplaces, roofs, keyholes and garages.
Dave Roman (Dad) has bad habits such as turning the thermostat up high and opening windows. He often puts the dishwasher on half full.
Claire Roman (Mum) likes to take long baths often topping it up with hot water. She also likes to have a cup of tea having boiled a full kettle and sits on a sofa which blocks the radiator.
Meanwhile the children, Alfie and Demi, are gadget mad, leave lights on when leaving rooms and electrical items such as hair straighteners and Ipod chargers plugged in all day.
Roger Webb, HHIC director, said: “We can all identify with the behaviour of the Romans, as their energy wasting habits are quite familiar especially for those of us with teenage children. The purpose of our hole in the roof campaign is to raise awareness of energy efficiency and how important it is to make sure our homes leak less energy resulting in financial savings.”
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