Dantec invests £30k in hose production line

Dantec new production line
Dantec has announced the completion of a £30,000 investment to increase capacity on its production line.
The new line will increase manufacturing capacity by 30% in both 75mm and 100mm bore hoses, significantly reducing lead times. The project is being built using the in-house expertise of Dantec’s maintenance engineer Eugene Smit and is being overseen by works manager Ian McGillivray.
The company’s composite hoses are used to transfer petrol, oil products, chemicals and liquefied gases. This year, turnover at the Wirral-based firm rose to £5.6m and sales to the Middle East doubled.
The mayor of Wirral, councillor Gerry Ellis and mayoress Margaret Ellis opened the new facilities at the firm’s works on Tarran Way, Moreton.
Jon Loach said: “Dantec knows that growth in the competitive global market can be driven by investment at home. As we target potentially lucrative export markets like the USA, Middle East andAsia we are promoting job creation through investment on a local level. We are keen to increase our sales and turnover by working with export partners to improve performance and are optimistic that we will grow again this year.”
The company is launching a fresh transatlantic campaign after signing a major deal with Texas agency True North Works to promote Dantec in the USA.
Managing director, John Laidlaw, said: “This partnership will play a crucial role in our fresh strategy aimed at driving growth, profile and reputation across the USA. There are more than 800 fuel storage terminals in America compared to around 650 in the whole of the EU. Despite being a mature market it is dominated by weaker products. This presents a terrific opportunity for Dantec.”
Over the past 12 months the company has seen its attitude to expansion bear fruit, by announcing a trebling of sales in the marine sector.