Drivers call for a new union

 Tanker drivers have called for a new union – the National Tanker Drivers’ Union – to be set up.
“We could call it NTU, the National Tanker Driver’s Union,” wrote an anonymous driver on the DCC-GB Oils drivers’ info blog.  “We could recruit every driver in every sector of the industry.”
Arguing that Unite, the drivers current union would not provide enough leadership going into the winter, the poster added:  “I’ve spoken to a lot of main fleet drivers who feel the same way, and they would be interested in a union that deals with our problems and not everybody else’s.”
Others commenting on the post were quick to agree, one pointing out that he had received a letter saying his current union fees were set to be increased.
Another argued: “We should be fighting for equal pay and terms and conditions for all drivers of all brands. We all do the same job, some are paid a lot more than others, some are on time and a half everyday, some get sick pay, some get laundry allowance and some are paying for the driver CPC.”