Harvest Energy – A nationwide liquid fuel supply

Harvest Energy provides more than 10% of the country’s motorfuel requirements – equivalent to more than 80 million litres every week to its ever growing customer base.
The company is part of the Blue Ocean group of companies, one of Europe’s largest independent suppliers and blenders of motor fuels, with operations in the UK, Holland, Germany, France and the Baltic.
In the UK, the company is a major supplier of diesel, 10 ppm gasoil, and petrols from northern Scotland to Cornwall, making more than 250 deliveries each day. Customers include oil companies, supermarkets, distributors, logistics providers, bus and rail operators, utilities companies, and a wide range of public sector bodies including Royal Mail, MoD and more than 60 local authorities. Harvest is also one of the largest suppliers into the Keyfuels and UK fuels bunker networks.
More retail filling stations
The company is one of Britain’s fastest growing fuel brands, and now supplies more than 100 retail filling stations nationally, most of which are under the distinctive Harvest Energy brand.
Since April, Harvest has taken on the distillate storage facilities at Seal Sands on Teesside, complementing its existing facilities in Grangemouth and West Thurrock, and is actively looking to expand its sales of diesel and 10 ppm gasoil in this area.
“With competitive prices, reliable supply, and excellent service on both a contracted and spot basis, collected or delivered-in, and now with a full vendor managed inventory solution, Harvest Energy is well-placed to expand its portfolio of customers,” says the company.